Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cricut Listing

I have to share! To help our group, also known as "Beyonce's Group", I created a Excel spreadsheet that included our groups Cricut cartridges so that we would know right off hand who was bringing what.

Well I wanted to show you exactly what I did, but no go on the blogger template, so for example:

Beyonce / Yo Momma / Sister Sledge

George X
Cuttin Up X X
Mickey Font X X
50 States X

Doing this in an Excel sheet is way easier to color code who would be bringing what cartridge, so that your group doesn't have duplicates and you can bring them all without loading down the Best Western with extras! Too bad this blog doesn't really show want I wanted to :(

Good luck on packing, if you need some organizational tips, check out Scrap*Funattic's blog. Alicia Day gives some great pointers to help you be more efficient when scrappin.

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