Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Live Love Scrap

I wanted to share with you all my Scrap Room, this room has been completed for about 2 years now and I love it more and more everyday.

My Cricut and Sizzix station as well as my newest addition to my Scrap Room...the Singer. I wanted a 'station' that was at countertop height because I usually am standing when using the die cut machines. I pulled a peice of slat wall from the trash and painted it...do you know how expensive that stuff is?! I bought a 4' piece of countertop from Lowe's and picked out two different sets of cabinets, painted them white, attached the countertop and viola...Diecut station made to order!
An Uppercase Living adornes the wall above it, "Live. Love. Scrap."

My desktop is two diagonal pieces of countertop that you can you purchase straight from the shelf at Lowe's or Home Depot, the end pieces are from The Container Store and they are mesh baskets that anchor each end of the desktop and serve as great legs. Watch the height when ordering the baskets, you want to be comfortable when scrapping. One leg made out of wood helps with the middle and then the edge along the wall is supported by a 2x4 that is strategically placed out of sight and painted to match the wall. I then bought a kitchen rack system to hold my chipboard, paints, pens, etc. The chair I bought at a school surplus auction for a $1 and then recovered it with decorator fabric that was on clearance that matched my green paint.
However you choose to decorate your room, be sure that it reflects your style and most importantly is efficient to your scrapbooking.

Monday, March 8, 2010


About two months ago, I took a Beginner Stitching class from Danelle Curtis at Scrap*Funattic. I had always admired the stitching on her pages for awhile, so this was my chance to learn and hopefully take my layouts to a whole new level.

This past Saturday night, I attended the PJ crop at Scrap*Funattic in honor of Krusty Mullins birthday and my goal was to complete and submit the Sketch Challenge that the Attic girls had posted on Facebook earlier this week. Deadline was yesterday, I got the layout done, but hadn't noticed the stitching detail until after my submission. That stitching detail really came to life when the digi girls (aka Danielle Vequist and Heather Smith) had submitted their layouts. I had to "fix" this page.


AFTER some freestyle stitching, I feel like my page is complete now. Freestyle stitching is where you punch your own holes with no pattern. I thought Danelle was nuts when she implied that everyone will get to that point when they would start to freestyle...HA, guess I am at that point!

Thanks so much CURTIS!!