Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day

As we welcome the unofficial start of summer with a heat wave that I am not ready for, please remember those you have LOVED and LOST this MEMORIAL DAY.

I am headed to the lake with my family as we have every Mememorial Day weekend since I was born...if you are counting, that makes it my 34th. My grandparents, who are both no longer with us, bought a cabin in the 50's, so my family has always been close because of this weekend and every weekend in between now and Labor Day. I LOVE and MISS you both!

Take care, remember sunscreen and definitely keep the camera close!

Monday, May 10, 2010


I was cleaning out my storage closet the other month and I found a tote full of scrapbooking magazines that I have kept through the years; Memory Makers, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbook Etc., Simple Scrapbooks. I used to (before I had 3 kids) pour over each page the day the magazine arrived in the mail. Dream of the spin that I could put on each layout that I saw, I might have even placed a post-it or four...then reality set in and the magazine made it into a pile.
Then the day came that I was able to redesign my scrapbook room/office, so in the tote went all my magazines. Now to the present day, I have all these magazines (some of them date back to April 2005, check the date on the blue headlined Creating Keepsakes), so what to do?
Insert Alica and DC and their magic that they create with their video camera for Scrap*Funattic's blog. Alicia, the scrapbook organization guru, says to rip out the layouts or ideas that you like, put into a 3 ring binder for later reference and recycle the mag.
Well, I could put the magazine in the recycling bin, but how about reuse before it hits the recycling compost pile. Some of these magazines have a lot of life in them, some of them I never even tore a single page out of it. I am going to let my cousin, Lindsay, check them out this summer since she is just starting out with scrapbooking, then I will give them out to whomever believes that they could get some use out of them, the rest of them are going into my garage sale pile to make themselves useful for another set of eyes and hopefully inspire another layout or six.