Friday, January 22, 2010


Happy January 22!

Nothing exciting about today, but hey...I bet no one has said that to you today! Well, 2010 (which I like to say twenty-ten) has arrived and I celebrated it at friends house playing Phase 10. Wow, I have surely missed that game, don't think I have played since high school.

January 1st came and went without me showering, January 2nd came and I drove home tired...oh so tired...January clue...January 5, why might you ask why I remember that date. That is the date that I got my first GREY HAIR (gasp). It was a tramatic day for me, some of you may laugh or even pee yourself, but I was about to burst out in to tears.
January 6...colored my hair, January 7...had a PTO meeting and no one...I repeat no one..even noticed my one missing grey hair nor the updated color...January 9, I scrapbooked with my friend and we litterally froze our hands (my basement is oh os cold)...the rest of the week went by like a flash...just like 2009 (I say two thousand nine)!

The morale of the story is time is passing us by, whether you look at a calendar or not...

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